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Our Business Learning Stream Courses

Our Business Learning Stream courses will help you dramatically increase your business acumen with dentistry's brightest business minds; empower and educate your business team on today and tomorrow's most impactful KPIs; and scale your profits with balanced growth and lowered overhead.

Course: Dental Insurance: Building the Foundation for Success in Your Practice
CE: 1.5 Credits
Speaker: Teresa Duncan, Dental Insurance Expert

Dental insurance expert Teresa Duncan is here to share some tips, tricks, and advice with you on how your dental practice can turn dental insurance from a headache into an ally.

Course: Build A Brand
CE: 1.5 Credits
Speaker: Dr. Joyce Kahng, Owner of Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio in Cost Mesa, CA

Are you looking for a NO B.S. how to build your brand course? Then, you have arrived. This course is all about you, building a social presence, that brings in new patients. We will cover everything from powerful content creation, to converting your work into new patients fast and efffectively.

Course: How To Win Patients & Ignite Your Growth
CE: 4.5 Credits
Speaker: Kevin Henry and Dr David Rice, DDS (Co-Founders of IgniteDDS University)

How do you find great hygienists, assistants, and front office team members? Once you find them, how do you keep them from leaving? In this course, we'll discuss everything from the questions you should be asking in interviews to what team members really want to get out of their day.

Course: Social Media & Video Marketing
CE: 1.5 Credits
Speaker: Dr. Bianca Velayo - Practice Owner, Green Valley Smiles in Henderson, NV. Creator of the Oral Health Minute.

Are you looking to grow your brand and practice? Then you're in the right spot. Brand isn't what you and I say it is anymore; it's what our patients say it is. In this course, Dr. Bianca Velayo walks you through the do's, the do not's, and the how to build your brand through video.

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Our Clinical Learning Stream Courses

Our Clinical Learning Stream courses will help you further expand the skills you learned in dental school and practice; fine tune the areas where you feel strong ... or need more strength; and expand your horizons and learn about cutting-edge techniques and thoughts.

Course: Smile Design: The Seven Deadly Sins
CE: 2.5 Credits
Speaker: Dr David Rice, DDS

Learn how the top 2% in dentistry level up their clinical care and their bottom line, fast and effectively!

Course: How To Become A Rockstar Dental Assistant
CE: 1 Credit
Speaker: Ronda Holman, Co-Founder of DA Rockstars Podcast

Whether you are a dental assistant, or you want to help a teammate become the ultimate dental assistant, Ronda Holman, and this course are for you! From core values, to today's top materials, to skill sets, Ronda's courses will cover it all.

Course: How To Implement Sleep In Your Dental Practice
CE: 1 Credit
Speaker: Dr Anjoo Ely, DDS. Founder of Novi Oaks Dental

With one out of four Americans alone being diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), dentistry has a tremendous opportunity to help, and grow! The challenge is, in theory, it all sounds good. In practice, treating sleep apnea has some hurdles. Join us, in this HOW TO implement sleep course and leap over those hurdles!

Course: Tips for the Dental Hygienist in an Implant-Driven Practice
CE: 1 Credit
Speaker: Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH

Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH, shares her knowledge of dental implants and the role the hygienist plays in ensuring their success, both for the patient and the dental practice.

Course: Principles Of Infection Prevention & Control For Dentistry
CE: 1.5 Credits
Speaker: Mary Govoni, Certified OSHA Outreach Trainer

This course serves to fulfill your state mandated infection control CE. The course goals are to keep you safe, keep your patients safe and to keep OSHA happy.

Course: Adhesive Dentistry: Your Must Know Guide To Success
CE: 1 Credit
Speaker: Anthony Mennito, Founding Partner and COO at CuRE Innovations

Learn how to select the G.O.A.T. adhesives and why; where adhesives fail today and how to avoid it; why your adhesive fails over time and how to avoid it; and how to balance speed and performance.

Course: Pain Control & Your Patients: What You Need To Know
CE: 1.5 Credits
Speaker: Tom Viola, R.Ph., C.C.P.

What's one big reason patients tend to avoid you? Hint...it's in our title. What happens when a patient in pain, avoids you? You're 2 for 2. How can we break the pain cycle? That's what this course is all about.

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Dentist Recommendations

Smile Design: The 7 Deadly Sins

"Dr. Rice truly is an expert—not only does this course demonstrate the clinical aspect of restoring teeth beautifully, but it also helps you organize you and your team to create impeccable outcomes for your patients!"

Dr. Sable Muntean, DMD, MHSA, Alton, IL
How To Win Patients And Ignite Growth

"This course entirely changed our practice culture. We went from a staff that came and went, to a team that actually enjoys coming to work. Our production is up. The cost of turnover is gone. Work is fun again!"

Dr. Michael Nastasi, DDS, Massapequa, NY

"Dr. David Rice is an absolute visionary and leader in the dental space. His commitment, energy, knowledge, and dedication to helping other dentists become better at everything they do is inspiring to say the least. It is easy to see how Dr. Rice brings an unmatched level of passion to everything he does and runs a successful dental practice on top of all of that! I jump at the opportunity to attend Dr. Rice’s presentations/events as I am guaranteed to gain critical wisdom that helps me to become more successful in my role. Working in the dental field can be extra challenging at times but we are so fortunate to have someone like Dr. Rice working so hard to educate and empower us all!"

Kelley Johnson | Patterson Dental | Fargo Branch

We Build Better Dental Pros

IgniteDDS exists to educate, encourage, and empower both dental students and practicing dentists. We have created a platform where dentists, at any stage in their profession, can come to fuel their dental career through our online academy, continued education courses, study club, Fast-Trak, and mentorships. Our extensive network of resources makes us the one stop shop for all your dental professional needs. We build better dental professionals.

We Build Better Dental Pros

Bringing dentistry's most sought after speakers, with the highest quality CE, direct to you

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